10 reasons to RUN errands.

Debbie Markham Running Errands Functionably HappyDo you want to know how to get more done, with more fun, in less time?  This is the essence of functionably happy, and here’s my latest success story!

Yesterday I set out on a 4 mile run. As I ran, I remembered that my ex husband (who lives 1.5 miles away from me – along a trail, or 4 miles on paved roads) left the kid’s wet suits and boogie board on his porch for me to pick up. My run was passing his house, so I decided to conquer the errand on my run. Here are the benefits I realized while running 1.5 miles home carrying a 42” boogie board under one arm and 2 wetsuits in the other!

1. Saves time and gas. I shaved 15 minutes off my responsibilities later in the day, by not having to drive through city streets, stop signs, stop lights (7.5 minutes each way), which saved a tiny bit of gas (eco-friendly.)
2.  Encourages quick decision making. I’ve been known to over-deliberate choices, take too long in the dressing room contemplating pros and cons of outfits and theorize on possible results of my actions. Which does serve a purpose. But not always. Today, I practiced making an impulse decision to alter my run “plan”. Upon reflection, it seems to be all positive so far! (I didn’t trip on the boogie board safety strap and fall down.)
3. It’s a distraction. Other annoyances (like muscle and joint aches or boredom from the same playlist) went unnoticed as I struggled to keep the board under my arm without shifting and slipping, and the wetsuits from slipping out of my hold.
4. Helps change perspective. Other normal stuff I thought was hard seem easier. Now, unloading groceries or laundry seems like a breeze because I’ve run 1.5 miles like this.
5. Strengthens odd muscles. Micro-muscles in my forearm, biceps and core got some action. I started focusing on my running form, since one side was heavier than the other, and by trying to keep my body alignment nice and vertical I engaged more of my core muscles than normal on a run.
6. Mentally interesting! I was able to amuse myself through analyzing all the components of my atypical run and by starting to think about the 10 reasons to RUN errands! Recognizing the benefits while on the run increased my level of happiness which probably released endorphins or adrenaline, which in turn lessened the pain from physical exertion.
7. Entertains others. Anyone I passed smiled and gave me a surprised, yet upbeat look.
8. Creates a story. My lifestyle design of things like this “workout-cum-errand running” is an example to inspire y’all to think outside your normal ideas of how to get stuff done. More efficient and more entertaining!
9. Time flies. It isn’t a typical run when you combine an errand. I was so engrossed in new thoughts and the act of accomplishing something silly yet challenging, that it entertained me and made the workout time go by much quicker.
10. Increases pride. I was proud as I ran and additionally for hours and days after my completed challenge.

This type of action (making typical daily instances, atypical) fulfills my daily goal of being functionably happy!


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