Back to School emotions

Since school starts for my 5th & 3rd graders tomorrow, I’ve decided to go through all the art, reading samples & comprehension tests that were sent home last June, at the end of school.  I’ve procrastinated “sifting through” to study their red marks & savor their hard work because I knew it’d take an hour & there’s always something more pressing to get done.

I cried.  I smiled.  I ran to my laptop to write.  It was almost better that I waited to go over it all, except for the random food stains they’re now splattered with from sitting on my countertop for 3 months.  I hadn’t seen their handwriting all summer or felt their little brains’ “thought processes” composing a story.   My daughter had a story “My Hero, My Mom”.  The last sentence was “On our walk we found a really cool rock!  All my good luck comes when I’m with her.”

WHO KNEW what sugar I’d be sprinkled with from doing a motherly chore, but it seems to go like that for me.  Just when I’m feeling the ho-hum boredom of repetitive responsibilities, I feel warm, sweet, happy.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with the growing pile of K-4 art & paperwork for 2 kids, that I moved from the kitchen counter to my office floor corner.  Then edit 300 engagement photos, do 8 loads of laundry isolated in my tub from having lice last month, unpack from our last vacation, feed & change the water bowls for dogs, baby chicks & tree frogs, exercise…. you know how it goes!

How do you sort & store your kid’s art?  Ideas welcomed!


  1. Sarah says:

    I love that she wrote that line. That is precious, keep-forever stuff. I want to say you are a lucky mom, but it isn’t luck. You put so much incredible effort into being a great mom that lines like that are bound to blossom throughout both kids’ writing. Get ready for many more!

  2. Sean Abellana says:

    Did ZO draw that picture on the My Hero story. If so WOW! That is so good.
    I really like the freckles. And by the way what kind of rock did you find? Also you are telling me the laundy is not DONE. Damn! Love ya just joking! I will do it all for ya when I come home next week.

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