A perfect day!

Portrait of Mary

What a great day!  I photographed an 80 year old lady.  Her son wanted a portrait of her in their long time home, by the window in an old fashioned chair.  I couldn’t help day dreaming when my son might do the same.  Seeing her smile into the camera brought forth emotions and warm fuzzy feelings; I envisioned her as a loving mom, going through all the motions we’ve all done raising children. The cycle of life.

Post “hypnotic trance inducing” photo-shoot came some successful errand running to the bank, Home Depot, Costco, gas station…then to SWIM!  I know my lap times & made the 5:00pm public session.  As the sun set around me, I finished my hour workout.

Last stop on the way home was the grocery store.  I was hungry & my lane-sharing-swimmer had just informed me that sugar and salt were  good for joints.  That being true (until I researched it more) I opened a bag of Buffalo Blue chipsKettle Chips Buffalo Bleu & feasted on some salty goodness of Kettle Chips.  Then hitting the produce isle, I munched on some fresh blueberries and finally a beautiful cupcake from the Bakery!  I had my appetizers and dessert, so protein and salad would balance out my evening meal when I got home.  I love grazing through the grocery store.  I consider it my duty to amuse the checkout employees and baggers, who laugh at the 3 things I’ve opened and consumed.  Hey, laugh at me or with me, just laugh.

Working, swimming, feeling strong, enjoying great salty and sweet, editing photos, writing, ahhhh, a perfect day.  Do what you love, love what you do.

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