Debbie Markham Head Shot PhotographerHi, I’m Debbie Markham—I’m an entrepreneur, professional photographer, dedicated single mom, occasional motivational speaker, lifestyle blogger and writer. My friends and family like to say that I’m one-part adventure, one-part sugar, and a whole lot of optimism.

Besides running my photography business, having fun with my family, and pumping some pep into people’s lives, I’m also passionate about so much more! Out on the sports field or in the gym, I’m a soccer & softball coach, marathoner, triathlete, extreme sports-lover, and fitness fiend. As a single mom I’ve battled some tough times, but meeting my goals have kept me happy and healthy. Qualifying in 2010 for The Boston Marathon (and surviving the 30 degree starting tempurature), then running the 2011 Boston Marathon for my personal best time of 3 hrs 31 min, and winning an episode of Wipeout on ABC (see video below) have made me challenge fears and feel incredible for doing so.

These health-loving ways have also managed to follow me into the kitchen. This means that I love fixing up well-rounded time-saving meals for my family, healthified treats, or just-too-good-to-pass-up indulgent sweets!

Like other passionate, professional women, I want to do it all. In the hurry and frenzy, I do my best to squeeze the best out of life by having fun and taking time to reflect and observe my habits, health, and mentality. There’s a lot of sweetness that surrounds our daily lives. But the only way to taste it is to actively embrace it. Fifteen years ago, you’d find me simply getting through each busy day. But today, I find myself enjoying the process and discovering joys in every small challenge. My true passion is to practice stepping back to recognize my judgments, emotions, actions and reactions as they are happening, and then adjust my mindset, when needed, to enjoy my days!

Follow me as I try to balance all my commitments, activities, and curiosities. In this blog, I share my reflections on living life happier, building positive habits, and pumping up your life with energy! With the tips I share, I aim to show that you too can create the life you want—with love, happiness, and health.

I also share my lifestyle tips through my book: “Got Sugar?” which is my lifestyle guide on doing it all, enjoying it all, and living life sweet! It offers great workout tips, fun fitness games, strength training guides, and an annual workout calendar, as well as time-saving balanced recipes for meals, treats, and indulgent sweets. After all, everyone’s gotta have a little sugar, right?

Wipeout Winner, Season 3 – Ep. 3                                                                                                           # 233 of 2056 40-45 yr. old women finisher, 2011 Boston Marathon

Debbie Markham on Wipeout Season 3 Photos ABC TelevisionInspirational Lifestyle Blogger Debbie Markham runs Boston Marathon

ABC’s T.V. Show: Wipeout – Season 3, Episode 3 – Video Highlights