Add 1 pointless goal a day to alleviate stress!

exercise your mind and overcome challenges to be happyOvercoming any challenge instills happiness, pride, curiosity in human nature, connection with yourself. So why not start making them up for fun, to increase your chances of overcoming them? Go ahead, I dare you!

Try to skip on the treadmill in public for 40 seconds during your workout, 3 times. Look at 3 strangers in the eye for a full “one-one thousand.” Work on improving your left handed cursive for a few moments. Name the number of emails you’ll reply to after work, stick to it. Try doing something for no reason other than it’s a new challenge. You might just want to do it daily. I do!

It’s like meditation, it’s like training your brain to stop the chatter & be clear for a bit, it brings your focus to a single task at hand. Yeah, all that sounds good, and it is, but mainly I get a kick out of myself for sticking to my promise of doing something silly.


  1. Anne Marie says:

    ya know I always like me a new goal..;) nice idea;-)

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