Can eating S’mores cure stress?

Big Sur Campground Afternoon SunBack at home, I smiled from blowing my nose as I saw soot in my tissue. I’d been gone for 3 nights with no cell phone coverage or internet access in beautiful Big Sur California. What a treat it was, with my 2 kids and a few friends. Bouncing right into the youthful hippie energy that emanated from the campsite staff, I felt immensely comfortable. The Redwood groves along the California and Oregon coast possess a mysterious, grand, cozy, and very historic sense about them; I forget how enchanted and rare they are along the pacific coastline (the only other true Redwood Grove located in China.) Seeing a California Condor circling up from thermal air in the valley as we hiked up to a waterfall was icing on the cake.

One of the best ways to alleviate stress is to laugh.  Watching myself struggle single-handedly set up & take down a huge tent proved humorous enough for me… especially at the end when lots of strange bugs adorned the tent’s top.  We also laughed throughout the 4+ hour self-guided mini-rafting tour we’d undertook into poison ivy, spider webs, rooted up trees and boulders.  We had no goal but to raft down the Big Sur River 3 miles to our lunch: which was in the parking lot at the “end beach” (our destination) where we’d left our car, so we literally could never give up!  Having our only sustenance dangling like a carrot was a great goal and the kids stayed motivated without complaints!

Harvard Health Publications confirmed, getting outside is good for you.

Limited choices of clothing, food and toys made for exceptional use of time. With only 2 balls (soccer or football) or crayons and plain paper available it was easy for us to focus on time together!

And to top it off, I slept 8 hours each night family style – my favorite, awoke to crows and blue jays, and got to eat s’mores every night! 3 nights of S’mores led to creativity and after Butterfinger S’mores, Rolo S’mores, Regular S’mores and fire-roasting the red vines and peach gummy rings, we’d exhausted our sweet supplies and had to head home!

I’m feeling rejuvenated…I recommend S’mores and the outdoors!

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