Everyone needs inspiration to succeed

affirmation written on note with tack

Yesterday I didn’t feel like editing another photo….and I LOVE my work as a photographer.  But I’m prepared for days with little motivation.  All I have to do is look up, and right there….taped to the top of my computer, is a note for me… “Your effort brings people joy.”  It reminds me that photography [...]

Reframe your mundane job into a glass-half-full scenario!

House Light photo by Debbie Markham

Some money-making ventures are not-so-new-and-exciting; more specifically in my line of work, commercial jobs for a photographer can become mundane without the energy of people jazzing up the session. That was my afternoon…not energized. Being in a solo profession, I’m my own motivator. The job was to photograph windows of 5 different homes within a [...]

2010 Shine Convention Inspires Entrepreneurs

Debbie Markham and Kim Doyal at Shine in Las Vegas

Sharing custody of my kids has shaped my life. I work harder with more focus when they’re with their dad, so that every second they’re with me I truly savor them. When deciding if I wanted to attend “Shine” entrepreneurial conference in Las Vegas this past week, I would really miss my kids for 4 [...]

Tie-Dye to the rescue!

Tie Dye Camouflages Yogurt Spill

I realized that every day I PLAN what I wear, knowing there’s a chance I’ll be spilling what I eat on the run, at one of many unpredictable times. (This may be a sign my multi-tasking has gone too far.) Driving to my first appointment, I held fast to the steering wheel & a spoon, [...]

Using keyboard shortcuts saves me hours!

Keyboard Shrotcut Photo

The other day my daughter pleaded in the grocery isle “Can we please make our own tapioca, I want to add more vanilla,” so I bought the white pearls in a bag.  2 days later (YES – 2 days, soaking pearl tapioca overnight, double boiler heating milk gingerly for 1 hour, separating eggs and individually [...]