Consistence + Friends = Happiness!

Ski trip Parenting Tip: Bring Friends along in challenging situations

I grew up skiing so weekend trips to the mountains were important to me. My daughter was not so inclined to deal with uncomfortable ski boots and cold weather.  There was a lot of whining.  I was frustrated, but not willing to give up the outdoor fresh air, or challenging her to master something difficult [...]

Wildflower Triathlon at Lake San Antonio ROCKS!

Debbie Markham finishes Wildflower Mountain Bike Triathlon - May 5, 2012

Wildflower Triathlon has tempted me for 10 years, but this year a friend won an entry and gave it to me!  Since it’s $100 to enter, “free” was the push I needed to actually sign up.  Turns out they have a sprint distance Mountain Bike Tri – perfect since I hadn’t trained much and my [...]

Disneyland is the happiest place on earth

Mickey Ears Disneyland is the Best Blog by Debbie Markham

I was never a Disneyland enthusiast. As a kid I went once. Growing up I wasn’t allowed to watch many cartoons on t.v. and animation wasn’t admired by my parents.  So when my college friends started an annual tradition of our families meeting at Disneyland the weekend after Thanksgiving, I was a bit discontent. But [...]

Can eating S’mores cure stress?

Big Sur Campground Afternoon Sun

Back at home, I smiled from blowing my nose as I saw soot in my tissue. I’d been gone for 3 nights with no cell phone coverage or internet access in beautiful Big Sur California. What a treat it was, with my 2 kids and a few friends. Bouncing right into the youthful hippie energy [...]

Lost Sweet Tooth


As family & friends anxiously watched me compete on Wipeout, my son had his own mission.  He wiggled & wiggled a tooth on & off for an hour as he sat viewing his mom on T.V.  Upon the finale, cheers erupted, my daughter was crying & hugging me tightly chanting “I can’t believe you won!” [...]

S'More Camping Vacations Please!

Yosemite National Park.  Thank you Abraham Lincoln for preserving a gorgeous area of land so my fast paced spirit can slow down without cell coverage for a week.  It’s a perfect combination of rest, activity (hiking, biking, swimming at the Lodge pool, setting up camp) and creativity (making a meal from whatever’s in your cooler.) [...]

Game Show Experience

Sugar Mama's Cake!

For my T.V. debut, my daughter made an obstacle course “cake!”  The Shape Shifter was a modified iced oatmeal cookie & dental floss for the zip line. pop ‘em donut holes were carefully aligned as the Big Red Balls.  Red Kix cereal balls stuck on to a frosted graham cracker for the Sucker Punch Wall.   [...]

Red Rock Bash

Rock Climbing Red Rocks in Las Vegas

What a perfect day, visiting Las Vegas, to drive out to Red Rock Canyon near Lake Mead. After hiking for an hour, I lost my footing on a rock & my leg came to a serious halt on a pinnacle of sandstone.  My shin was slashed down to the muscle.  A deep little 2 inch [...]

Come on mom, keep jumping!

Jumping on the Trampoline with kids is inspiring

I jump on my trampoline 3-5 x a week with my kids.  As they jump around, I try to jump hard without stopping for 1 full minute, 5 different times.  It’s hard!  My kids just keep jumping & jumping & jumping & flipping & it drives me to keep up with them because they are [...]

Ribbit Chirp Chirp

My sisters pet frog Hopper by Nate Markham

It’s like living in the tropics in my upstairs bathroom, the sounds of nature …well really 30 crickets living in a plastic tub.  We got 2 new low maintenance pets…Chubby Tree Frogs! They sit sleeping in one spot all day & sit awake in a different spot all night.  They wait for crickets to hop [...]