Fear Not…Anything!

Skateboarder Jump

Last week I was asked to photograph (my primary career) a skate competition (held today).  I had lots of excuses why I didn’t have time this weekend, but in the end, I love sports & being outside, so I decided to do it. And once again, A GOOD CHOICE!  It was a blast, the people [...]

Vegas Buffets Rock!

12 friends met in Vegas for 2 days to celebrate my college roommate’s 40th Birthday!   On the flight there I customized my cell phone settings, changed it’s display & finally read all the “tips” in its manual!  I’d been stuck in my 2007 habits & now I’m in the 2010 decade of shortcuts. While [...]

Mad Libs

Coloring books, maze books, flash cards, chapter books & Mad Libs adorn the back seat area of my vehicles, but with so many options for my kids, it usually looks like a tornado has whipped through. Last week my parents visited.  In an effort to show ‘my daughterly respect’ & to show I’d grasped onto [...]


Trying to model, practice, teach, preach & exude BALANCE for my kids sake is definitely reminding myself; who knows how out of whack I’d be if I didn’t have kids!  My goals being to nurture their creativity, to enjoy their stages through childhood & simultaneously to introduce manners & useful tools that are accepted by [...]

Crash and Learn

The morning was fast – kids to school, run for exercise, bank, pack, check-in online & print boarding pass, then airport bound to Vegas by 10:45am.  As I drove to the airport a “center-yellow-line RE-painting” truck headed towards me, hanging a few feet into my side of the highway.  Suddenly I plunged forward as I [...]

Afraid to purge my pantry

Today I went to Costco & when I got home, I had to fit 24 rolls of paper towels into my disorganized pantry. I grimaced, remembering that I had stuffed glitter, paint tubes, brushes, glue, popsicle sticks & googly eyes into the back corner because there was a more pressing daily goal that day. So, [...]