Hotel workouts can work out!

Bison Burger

Attempting to follow my own advice of working out 6 days a week proved to be a creative venture last week when I traveled to Yellowstone Nat’l Park solo with my kids, for 8 days.   4 of those days I rose at 6am before them, warmed up for 2 min, worked-out for 24 (doing what [...]

Techo Beats

I love techno music.  A stable, monotonous, continuous beat, escalating to a higher level of interest, peaking with great intensity & passion, then coming back down to a more mainstream, acceptable pace.   I seem to be going along in my day to day activities, when the feeling of passion inevitably arises for something – [...]

Red Rock Bash

Rock Climbing Red Rocks in Las Vegas

What a perfect day, visiting Las Vegas, to drive out to Red Rock Canyon near Lake Mead. After hiking for an hour, I lost my footing on a rock & my leg came to a serious halt on a pinnacle of sandstone.  My shin was slashed down to the muscle.  A deep little 2 inch [...]

Come on mom, keep jumping!

Jumping on the Trampoline with kids is inspiring

I jump on my trampoline 3-5 x a week with my kids.  As they jump around, I try to jump hard without stopping for 1 full minute, 5 different times.  It’s hard!  My kids just keep jumping & jumping & jumping & flipping & it drives me to keep up with them because they are [...]

Swim when ya can!

Driving home from L.A. I passed a public pool at 6:15pm.  I pulled in and asked when lap swim times were & got LUCKY, 5-7pm! Moral of the story: ALWAYS carry your swim suit & goggles in the car.  Even though I only swam for 35 minutes it was rewarding & breathtaking to see the [...]