Benefits of Positive, Negative and Sarcastic Thinking.

Positive thinking is great, no doubt about it. Practicing Zen-like habits to cultivate a happy mind-set no matter what unfolds in life is what I strive for.  But sometimes I feel a little like Polyanna and I need to blurt out some Too Short raps in my small-country town to take the edge off.  Last [...]

Disneyland is the happiest place on earth

Mickey Ears Disneyland is the Best Blog by Debbie Markham

I was never a Disneyland enthusiast. As a kid I went once. Growing up I wasn’t allowed to watch many cartoons on t.v. and animation wasn’t admired by my parents.  So when my college friends started an annual tradition of our families meeting at Disneyland the weekend after Thanksgiving, I was a bit discontent. But [...]

Meditation is the ticket to…

Meditation pose for blog post of Debbie Markham, Photographer

Meditation is the ticket to happiness, amusement and awareness. Seeing what thoughts bubble up unprovoked is SO ENTERTAINING…so, WHY NOT practice it weekly? It’s procrastination in it’s calmest and most logical state. With minimum equipment and maximum benefits, go on and treat yourself to some quiet time putting off chores and gaining mental relief. I [...]

2010 Shine Convention Inspires Entrepreneurs

Debbie Markham and Kim Doyal at Shine in Las Vegas

Sharing custody of my kids has shaped my life. I work harder with more focus when they’re with their dad, so that every second they’re with me I truly savor them. When deciding if I wanted to attend “Shine” entrepreneurial conference in Las Vegas this past week, I would really miss my kids for 4 [...]

Swim Swim Swim yourself, quickly down the lane…

Swimming Workout

People generally consider swimming a summer sport. But really, if you’re going to get wet, why not do it throughout the rainy season too! After dropping the kids at school, I started my list of “to-do’s”…computer-crash-appointment, camera-store-flash-sync-problem appointment, pet and office supply stops. Public lap time from Noon-1pm at a community pool was my 2nd [...]

Can eating S’mores cure stress?

Big Sur Campground Afternoon Sun

Back at home, I smiled from blowing my nose as I saw soot in my tissue. I’d been gone for 3 nights with no cell phone coverage or internet access in beautiful Big Sur California. What a treat it was, with my 2 kids and a few friends. Bouncing right into the youthful hippie energy [...]

10 reasons to RUN errands.

Debbie Markham Running Errands Functionably Happy

Do you want to know how to get more done, with more fun, in less time?  This is the essence of functionably happy, and here’s my latest success story! Yesterday I set out on a 4 mile run. As I ran, I remembered that my ex husband (who lives 1.5 miles away from me – [...]

[VIDEO] Lesson learned from adoring baby chicks!

Chick Portrait

“Mom, can we film the chicks falling asleep in our hands!” We just got 2 new 1-week old baby Rhode Island Red Chicks (initially an orange color fluff.)  My daughter named hers “Colonel” (after a golden popcorn kernel and then we realized it was KFC’s icon!)  Then the other one got named “Orange Chicken” for [...]

Add 1 pointless goal a day to alleviate stress!

exercise your mind and overcome challenges to be happy

Overcoming any challenge instills happiness, pride, curiosity in human nature, connection with yourself. So why not start making them up for fun, to increase your chances of overcoming them? Go ahead, I dare you! Try to skip on the treadmill in public for 40 seconds during your workout, 3 times. Look at 3 strangers in [...]

Through the lens of a movie camera

water spigot

I ran 7 miles out & back from my house, across some residential developments to my turn around spot, where the water fountain I rely on was broken. I was parched & my only option was the camping spigot. Crouching down, I tilted my head awkwardly & slurped from the tap mounted on a 4×4 [...]