No Fat, Low Sugar, Healthy Persimmon Sweet Potato Muffin Recipe!

Healthy, No Fat, Low Sugar Persimmon Muffins

I know that’s quite a title but it’s TRUE! A photography client of mine gave me 6 persimmons. So we ate 1 and then no one wanted to eat another one, over an apple or pear, so I baked them into something! They are better than I thought they’d be… tasting like a bran muffin [...]

Banana Oatmeal Cookie: a Twist on Banana Bread

Oatmeal-Banana-Chocolate-Chip Recipe-Kids-Healthy-Snack-Baked Cookie

I want a cookie.  I want that warm, fresh-baked shape of a snack in my hand.  But I’m a utilitarian mom too, and I have 4 ripe bananas.  I could make banana muffins, but I make them weekly and I’m sick of washing out the pans.  Even on my most deliberate days, I spill batter [...]

Sweet Potato Chili with Chicken (or Turkey)

Sweet Potato Chili Photo and Recipe by Debbie Markham

This Chili only gets better overnight! Perfect the next day for lunch! (serves 4) 3 Tbsps Olive Oil 1 Sweet Onion, diced 2 Chicken Breasts, diced, or 1/2 lb. ground Turkey 1 extra-large Sweet Potato (NOT a yam), diced Saute above ingredients for 3 minutes together. Then Add: 1 can Chicken Broth 2 cans Mexican [...]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cereal Haystacks


Here’s my newest Sweet Treat. The “nut and grain” combination of peanuts with wheat and oats in cereal, makes for a complete protein, and the tastiest antioxidant (dark chocolate) makes it indulgent!  Fiber Puff Cereal Haystacks: Calories 155 per stack (Servings 24) In a large glass bowl, melt 1 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips, stirring [...]

Easy Key Lime Cake with White Chocolate Chips

easy key lime cake with white chocolate chips

I’m all about easy, fun, tasty, sort-of-healthy, unique desserts. I buy boxed cake mixes when they’re on sale for $1 a box anytime I see them.  So, having a yellow one on hand, and some sugar free lime Jell-O, I embarked on a new creation. Using milk and yogurt added calcium, protein, B2 and B12, [...]

Easy Blueberry Pancakes with fiber, protein & calcium!

Blueberry Pancakes Box Mix with added Flaxseed, Wheat Bran, Almond Meal

Makes 12 cakes, 100 calories each. My kids & I make breakfast on the weekends.  Our main objective is taste & health, & here’s what we came up with today! 1 1/2 cups Blueberry Pancake box mix 1/2 cup low fat milk 1 egg & 2 egg whites 1/4 cup ground flax seed 1/4 cup [...]