Chocolate Peanut Butter Cereal Haystacks


Here’s my newest Sweet Treat. The “nut and grain” combination of peanuts with wheat and oats in cereal, makes for a complete protein, and the tastiest antioxidant (dark chocolate) makes it indulgent!  Fiber Puff Cereal Haystacks: Calories 155 per stack (Servings 24) In a large glass bowl, melt 1 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips, stirring [...]

Easy Key Lime Cake with White Chocolate Chips

easy key lime cake with white chocolate chips

I’m all about easy, fun, tasty, sort-of-healthy, unique desserts. I buy boxed cake mixes when they’re on sale for $1 a box anytime I see them.  So, having a yellow one on hand, and some sugar free lime Jell-O, I embarked on a new creation. Using milk and yogurt added calcium, protein, B2 and B12, [...]

[VIDEO] Vegas Baby, and a Sweet Lollipop!

Debbie Markham with Couture lollipop from Sugar Factory

During my most recent trip to Vegas I enjoyed the “no-one’s-ever-going-to-see-me again, so-dress-and-act-however-I-desire” festivities.  However, I also walked the strip actively searching for the best candy store, as I always do when on vacation.  I came across the Sugar Factory adjacent Planet Hollywood’s Casino in the Miracle Mile Mall.  With great tunes playing, and cute [...]

Sticky Keyboard Keys

Okay so making chocolate cake & blogging aren’t a good combination.  After tasting the batter on one finger, then a different finger, then a third (so not to double dip) & then having a desire to write simultaneously, I got my keyboard all sticky.  It was a great cake & I learned to have a [...]

Pie Eating Contest!

Debbie Markham in Pie Eating Contest, July 4 in Cambria, CA

I like firsts, they get my adrenaline pumping.  Combine that WITH SWEETS and I am IN!  That’s how I accepted a request to be in our town’s pie eating contest. Locally made yet world renowned Olalaberry Pie from Linn’s on the 4th of July… SURE I’ll do it!   My neighbor had much more info on [...]

Rich & Blue & Chocolaty

I’m currently writing a book “How to Have a Healthy Sweet Tooth,” & this seems like a perfect example.  Today’s creation was due to my chocolate bar melting yesterday & me putting it in the fridge.  Then I bought blueberries at the store, separately.  When seeing them side by side my heart pitter pattered… mmm…quick [...]


The annual trip to Texas to see my brother is only complete with daily visits to Houston’s 2 finest stores (thoughtfully side by side):   The Chocolate Bar & Candylicious. If you want any candy, foreign or domestic, retro or hot off the press, it’s at Candylicious.  A framed newspaper article stated that M & M’s [...]


Dieting was the topic on the Today Show this morning.  The Cookie Diet, currently popular, spurred me to go get an apple fritter at Starbucks.  I liked the diet strategy of “portion size” & Starbucks’ “Nutrition by the Plate” brochure confirmed my doughnut was NOT even the worst food there.   WHO KNEW that a [...]


3 day weekends = we’re going somewhere.  This time we drove to the Sierra Mountains with a 2 day window for good weather & we nailed it!  Sunny on the drive in, snowing on the drive out.  I thought stuffed animals, role playing, singing & reading wouldn’t last 4 hours, but the 3 kids laughed [...]