Come on mom, keep jumping!

Jumping on the Trampoline with kids is inspiringI jump on my trampoline 3-5 x a week with my kids.  As they jump around, I try to jump hard without stopping for 1 full minute, 5 different times.  It’s hard!  My kids just keep jumping & jumping & jumping & flipping & it drives me to keep up with them because they are so happy!

Jumping definitely helped my endurance & pain tolerance of burning quads when I competed on Wipeout.  (I was able to make a few leaps with confidence after jumping over & under my kids all the time!)

I have to stop & rest every minute…but hearing them say “mom keep jumping with us!” is music to my soul.  Jumping, looking at them jumping, all of us smiling at each other jumping inside this protective net wall around the trampoline.  This is my heaven.

I “Got Sugar” today in a different way ~ sweet, pure love from my kids!


  1. Prudy says:

    Most help arictels on the web are inaccurate or incoherent. Not this!

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