Crying Over Sit-Ups…Literally…

Achieving MORE in the least amount of time is an perpetual concept in the back my mind.  If I don’t adapt to being more creative at fitting in all the fun things I want to do, I’ll feel way less delighted with life.  I know I need to keep my ‘fitness – fun – family – work’ time in balance.

Anyway,  I’m tired of the same home-workout-video-instructors.  So, catching up on one of my favorite T.V. shows Parenthood while strength-training seemed like an exceptional idea yesterday to maximize my fitness and fun time!  Digital recording machines have made it easier to store all the TV shows I’d ideally want to watch, but then I start to feel like I’m falling behind in that TOO lol.

Who knew how much I’d be affected by Kristina’s cancer and all the characters coming in and out of her circle – giving, caring, saying and doing what they thought she wanted, trying to understand. I found myself sobbing on and off during my routine of push-ups, lunges, sit-ups and jumping jacks.  I laughed-out-loud crying as I saw my tears on the wood floor, finding it even harder to push through my set of reps.  In the end, I felt proud to have conquered an extra element of difficulty; simultaneously clinching from crying and exercising was hard!

Next time I may watch Jeopardy to see how I feel getting smarter while staying fit!

Photo of Parenthood Kristina Hugging Adam

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