[VIDEO] Easy Home Workouts for Busy Women

Once again, after editing photos for clients & videos of myself, I only had an hour until school pick-up time! I’d foolishly convinced myself to work for just 2 hours after i dropped them off, then workout.  5 hours later I had to get out of my office…nothing like ‘forgetting to pick up your child’ as a motivating deadline, & my butt hurt!

Thank goodness I wrote a book! I grabbed the “Got Sugar?” workout section & referenced my Summer Plan.  It’s simple, only 24 minutes & challenging. That’s my goal – refreshing & hard enough to hurt.

I made this short video of my workout routine a few weeks ago – I’m always surprised how long editing takes! Here I am tonight, back at my desk, at midnight. Straightening my back, stretching my arms upwards hourly to reverse blood flow & standing up every 15 minutes editing & uploading it.  The video compliments many workouts in my book Got Sugar?

Recognize my shorts? They are super comfy by Matix & have withstood the test of Wipeout.

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