Everyone needs inspiration to succeed

affirmation written on note with tackYesterday I didn’t feel like editing another photo….and I LOVE my work as a photographer.  But I’m prepared for days with little motivation.  All I have to do is look up, and right there….taped to the top of my computer, is a note for me… “Your effort brings people joy.”  It reminds me that photography is important. My clients value my cropping and color adjusting, no matter how mundane of a task it is to me.

I decided to up the ante and send out a short email to 3 good friends asking them if they’d write 2-3 sentences describing what they thought my positive attributes were, and email it back. I phrased it like this “Hi girls!!! I need a pick-me-up, and thought we could all help each other. I wondered if you would email me a few sentences of what you think my greatest strengths personally and professionally are, so on days where I feel unmotivated, I could reference your response!” :-)   Then, I taped the messages up underneath the window sill in my office, where I could read them – and it got me to look outside the window more too!

By focusing on our positive attributes, we establish a positive mindset, and with a positive mindset we can achieve more happiness personally and in our work.

If you’re feeling brave, ask them to write what they think your greatest weakness is!  Reading one “challenging trait” to improve on, amidst many positive comments, can be easier to digest than hearing it on it’s own.

Buying a desk top calendar, the small daily-tear-off ones with an inspirational quote on every square sheet, or subscribing to a quote of the day website via email can help you stay motivated in your work.  I enjoy tearing off the calendar sheets with quotes that resonate, and cutting off their date to keep in my “instant karma” file folder filled with miscellaneous words of wisdom.

So, get some positive words from friends, colleagues or from inspirational quotes and tape them up.  Create a quick cell phone banner to prompt daily. When you’re feeling chaotic, stressed, lacking motivation or down in the dumps take a breath and read your personal affirmations.  Some days having a personally written affirmation from a friend can have more impact than a quote from an Indian guru, other days the metaphysical quotes will work.

“Variety is the very spice of life.”  There ya go, and it’s true, so shake it up.

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