Consistence + Friends = Happiness!

Ski trip Parenting Tip: Bring Friends along in challenging situationsI grew up skiing so weekend trips to the mountains were important to me. My daughter was not so inclined to deal with uncomfortable ski boots and cold weather.  There was a lot of whining.  I was frustrated, but not willing to give up the outdoor fresh air, or challenging her to master something difficult and feeling proud.

So, I made a point to plan snow weekends with other families.  By having peers around her who also struggled with certain terrain or had frozen toes WAS SO GREAT for her to witness.  It made her feel completely normal – she wasn’t the only one who was cold, mad for falling, or scared when trying a new route.

This was the year it clicked after 6 years of going, all the lessons, the discomfort, the falling, the frustration, the quitting and then stubbornly re-trying the next day… it all paid off.  We skied and snowboarded together in powder all over the mountain for 6 whole hours, and she was so proud of herself for keeping up with the boys.  She was beaming and in control of herself with great form, and the few times she did fall weren’t a big, sad ordeal.

I’m still giddy as I type this a week later!!!  It’s so hard for me as a parent to ever feel 100% positive that I’m doing the right thing for my kids best interest. But I try to “stop” my thoughts, breathe quiet, slow breaths and realize there is no right or wrong.  I relieve myself of judgement.  We are all doing the best we can at every moment.  Kids will accept, learn to prosper and even enjoy the environment you provide for them.  They may resist, but if it’s what means something to you – be consistent.  If you’re happy in it, they will grow to be, you just have to figure out ways to help them hang in there!

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