Game Show Experience

For my T.V. debut, my daughter made an obstacle course “cake!”  The Shape Shifter was a modified iced oatmeal cookie & dental floss for the zip line. pop ‘em donut holes were carefully aligned as the Big Red Balls.  Red Kix cereal balls stuck on to a frosted graham cracker for the Sucker Punch Wall.   I love my biggest fan!!!

I can finally say “I won!”  Deciding to keep it a secret from everyone I know (my kids, brother, boyfriend, friends & parents) made it easy to remember!  Man was it hard to creatively not tell the truth, but scarily enough, like anything else I’m channeled into, it got easier with time!  After a few “I did well,” and the inevitable “well, did you win?” question, I began to avoid the yes or no answer:  “It was a great competition, you’ll have to watch it to find out.”

Sweet lifetime friends & family came over to scream at the t.v. with me.  I love this show.  I loved the crew.  While the super duper thick mud was being perfectly prepared, other contestants were so fun to hang out with.  I wish I could do it again & again!  Watching it at home, hearing comments from the two Johns for the first time was hilarious!

I am so thankful for my amazingly thoughtful friends.  I received candy earrings, boxes of odd candy, cupcakes, bags of great bin candy, signs & cards for support.  Thanks for giving me so much sugar!  I am overflowing!   What a Fan-Sugar-tastic experience!


  1. Sean Abellana says:

    What about the sugar in the form of whipped cream that you recieved a facial with you also forgot to mention that. Good post though enjoyed reading. I also loved being there with you during your debut to share your experience with so many of your close friends. Much love!

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