Got Sugar? BOOK

Got Sugar? A Lifestyle Book by Debbie MarkhamEating sugar may not be bad at all, reports a Harvard School of Public Health Study. Debbie Markham has been known as Sugar D, Sugar Mamma and Got Sugar Girl among other nicknames relating to her sweet tooth. After years of hounding from her mom about how bad sugar is, she decided to research the effects of sugar on the body and document her findings with her personal philosophy and lifestyle including sweets.

Got Sugar? “The Comprehensive Lifestyle Guide For ALL of Life’s Delicious Journeys” Book is made up of 3 segments: 1. Philosophy of a Sweet Tooth, 2. Recipes and 3. Workouts. All 3 Got Sugar? segments are bound in one paperback book (344 pages) or included in one eBook file for sale.

As a recent winner of Wipeout, a physically challenging game show, (see Excerpt: Season 3, Episode 3), Debbie Markham knows how to balance raising a family, staying fit, and eating the sweets she really enjoys. In Got Sugar?, Debbie offers lifestyle tips that propel & entertain her throughout her “to-do-list” days.  It will inspire it’s readers to embrace a lifestyle that is sweet, healthy and fun. Her philosophy of truly enjoying the process of working towards goals, as well as just getting through life’s average days, is what this book is about.

Debbie tackles life philosophy, workout plans, and sweet recipes for a balanced perspective on accepting, enjoying and making the most of life where you’re planted. Even through the ups and downs of divorce and becoming a single working mom Debbie has jogged her way to the light at the end of the tunnel. She is living proof that positive habits can help achieve confidence and happiness.

Complete with over 60 recipes for breakfasts, dinners and desserts, and workout plans for an entire year, Debbie shares how she is able to be healthy, stay strong and really enjoy life.  Her positive philosophy encourages lifestyle changes that anyone can embrace.  She hopes her book will show you that you too can do what you love, be healthy, happy, successful and create a life you want.

Digital file available for ALL readers:Link to Preview and Purchase the eBook (for Kindle, Stanza readers, Sony Reader, PDB or RTF)

You CAN eat sugar and stay healthy… find out how! The Got Sugar? Book includes 3 sections (as noted below.)

Philosophy of a Sweet Tooth” is the MAIN segment in the Got Sugar? Book. Debbie writes about her game-playing rituals, sugar-loving moments & opportunity-embracing days which tie into many topics relating to personal development. Included are tons of Debbie’s upbeat lifestyle tips and stories. Many new ideas are offered to help pep up your daily routine, regain focus and relearn how to live with a child-like spirit. Over the last 15 years, Debbie has changed from just getting through each day, to wanting to get up to challenge herself with a goal or unusual game she’s created.  Find out for yourself and be inspired into the habit of happiness with her philosophy as a sweet tooth. She offers her philosophy on accepting sugar and how to truly enjoy all of life’s delicious journeys. Eating sweets may even help you live longer!

The Got Sugar? Recipe Segment, “Everything You Need to Know to Satisfy your Healthy Sweet Tooth” evolved from Debbie’s love of finding recipes and altering them to taste great but add nutrition. These recipes are sprinkled with her own imagination as a mother of 2 sometimes finicky eaters to make sure they would get the nutrition they need. Loads of time saving tips delivered in a fun, upbeat style. Breakfasts and dinners geared towards including all the food groups. Some desserts geared towards easy and healthified, and some geared towards indulgent. Over 60 recipes included with creative options.

And last but not least, The Got Sugar? Workout Segment! “The Sweet Guide to Fitness and Well-Being” shares fun, easy and efficient ways to stay fit and strong while managing a busy schedule. Through her life as a single mom & entrepreneur, Debbie has completed over 50 races, trained for 2 marathons specifically, qualified for Boston, won Wipeout (ABC’s obstacle course game show) & coaches sports weekly. Included are simple to understand yet challenging workout schedules with exact plans for an entire year & terminology to maintain strength, perfect form & have fun with new goals.

You too can have a GREAT LIFE, a prosperous business, fulfilling physical strength and be surrounded with love!