Hotel workouts can work out!

Attempting to follow my own advice of working out 6 days a week proved to be a creative venture last week when I traveled to Yellowstone Nat’l Park solo with my kids, for 8 days.   4 of those days I rose at 6am before them, warmed up for 2 min, worked-out for 24 (doing what I call“rep-rotations”) & cooled down for 2, for a 28 min workout each time.  (I have examples of rep-rotations in my book “Got Sugar?”)   For arms I did push-ups (biceps),  chair dips (triceps) & my most creative was for deltoids (shoulders).  I filled my purse & a plastic grocery bag with hotel shampoo & cream bottles, our cameras & a shoe each & used them as weights for my shoulder flys.   For legs I did lunges (quads mainly) in between the 2 queen beds (as I admired my angelic kids under blankets,) chair “heel digs” for my hamstrings, & toe raises (calves) with clinched glutes.  I did tons of varieties of sit-ups & some back extensions for my core.  I entertained a few housekeepers & early risers with bursts in the hallway outside my room including jump ups, toggle toes, stair jump ups (more in my book).  Two other days I ran the treadmill while they watched a movie on my laptop & one day I did my Yoga DVD in the room before they woke.  When they got up I felt awesome, showered & lively, proud of my effort.

It’s REALLY challenging to be disciplined in every area of life, so I’ve chosen staying strong as the primary focus.  It’s too hard to turn down good food, especially on vacation.  So, in addition to my 28 min. workouts daily, I did mini-exercises in the car as I drove around the park (listed in my book.)  Hiking 1-3 miles a day around Yellowstone trails searching for animals also helped, so all in all, I felt strong every day.

After delicious bison burgers, gigantic cowboy cookies, peach cobbler and other mid western desserts & mid day treats, I knew I wanted to keep up the daily movement!

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