I’m wired for distraction…are you?

As much as I don’t like to “label” anyone, I feel o.k. with my self-diagnosis of being ADD.  I enjoy it much of the time, but today’s social media isn’t helping me AT ALL!  I feel like I’m continually partially involved with many things which makes me a bit anxious at times.  Between volunteering and coaching (love doing), and home economics (ugh), keeping up with the digital exploring and interacting that I need to do to succeed in my career as a photographer is pushing me to my limit.  As a parent I’m worried because I wonder how this 24/7 attachment to immediate results and attention is going to affect my kids developing brains.

And it seems universal…I noticed a family of 4 at a restaurant table next to me – the 2 parents used their iPhones and the 2 kids viewed their iPads while waiting for their meals.  All the texting, surfing, watching, poking and digital activity is overwhelming – how is the connectivity affecting our brains?

This is why I run, hike, kayak, swim, bike…because physical activity slows me down.  My mind has time to filter out what’s most important to earn money and fit in quality time with family, to let go of “learning about the newest most interesting thing” that’s just a click away, and to see changes in my community that get missed when driving by fast.  Last week I ran 24 miles in preparation for the Boston Marathon.  In between feeling alive with pain, I saw new businesses and trail heads and enjoyed 3+ hours to imagine, brainstorm, decompress and reflect with gratitude many aspects of my life. (I did run with my phone to write notes of my ideas.) While kayaking, Mallards cKayakingruised alongside then flew ahead and waited for me to catch up.  I smiled at white Egrets, butterflies, unique trees and the green landscapes of Spring.

Who knows if my excursions are just another distraction??? or really do help balance out the face-paced-digital world that seems to be gaining momentum???  Either way, my mind is happy… and that’s my bottom line goal: to move in the direction of happiness.


  1. Shaun Roney says:

    What I love about you Debbie is that you’re so relatable. I so connect with everything that you’re saying-it’s as though you heard my thoughts and paired them with the perfect words. Thanks for being so you! Btw-Sea Otter is next week if you need some head clearing-would love to see you!

  2. Matt Humphrey says:

    You have a firm grip on life and its delicate balance. Keep inspiring others to just do, just go, just try…

  3. Rachel says:

    Finding balance is key – it’s so easy to get stuck in your head and the pace of information accessed instantly can overstimuate and create anxiety because there isn’t enough down time to catch up with doing all that your head is thinking. For me yoga, long hikes and jogging with my dog center me so that at work and with my family I am present. And who can forget friends – the support structure and place you don’t need to be anything but yourself.

  4. MarsDavis says:

    YES! I can completely relate. Its nice to know that others feel the same way!

    Actually, I think there are many like us in the world that are wired for participating in as many amazing EXPERIENCES as possible. We are naturally curious or adventurous. People like us are envied by many around the world. I know many people that would like to try new experiences but are too afraid. Our gift is our ability to try new things and enjoy the experience (or distraction).

    Have a fantastic week! Cheers, Mars

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