Lost Sweet Tooth

As family & friends anxiously watched me compete on Wipeout, my son had his own mission.  He wiggled & wiggled a tooth on & off for an hour as he sat viewing his mom on T.V.  Upon the finale, cheers erupted, my daughter was crying & hugging me tightly chanting “I can’t believe you won!”

5,6,7 minutes passed & I couldn’t even find my son Nate.  Then magically he appeared, grinning as he bounded down the stairs holding his fist out towards me.   “I lost my 7th tooth, I got some floss that Zoe used to make your zip-line on the Wipeout Cake, made a lasso to put around it & I just pulled it out!!!” he exclaimed with great pride.

He enjoyed licking the blue frosting from around the smooth toothless space as he savored his successful night.

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