Meditate while mixing Apple Oatmeal Muffins

Apple Oatmeal Muffin by Debbie MarkhamI really enjoy mixing up some batter or dough and baking it right away with my kids after school.  Then they do homework, I work, and we smell the delicious treats we’ll soon sample after our focused effort.  These fantastic muffins provide dairy, fruit, fiber and protein in 1 healthy, tasty snack item. Grab 2 for breakfast with only 210 calories per muffin and very little saturated fat.  I’ve even added a scoop of Vanilla Whey Protein Powder into the batter for more protein.  Yep, you can go ahead and purchase that $40 big plastic container of it at Costco or GNC and start adding it into lots of recipes: pancakes, smoothies, breads and muffins… you’ll feel fuller longer when eating protein with every meal.

As I grabbed ingredients and wrote down this recipe for Apple Oatmeal Muffins, I immediately thought of chanting their acronym! (OM or AUM is a sound made in Yoga or meditation that is a reflection of the absolute reality without beginning or end and embraces all that is.) By repeatedly humming a droning sound like A-A-A-a-a-a-O-O-O-o-o-o-M-M-M-m-m-m (Apple-Oatmeal-Muffins) while making the muffins, your mindfulness is sure to increase as you bask in the present moment.  Breathing in deeply, chant this sound several times, exhaling slowly and completely each time as you hum. Visualize yourself in the kitchen, lovingly stirring.  It really helped me be thankful for all my personal abilities and more aware of myself in the present moment. Try it at other times as well (like first thing in the morning and last thing at night) for optimal calming and connecting with the wholeness and perfectness of all that materially and spiritually exists! I even taught my kids the chant and they’re having fun with it.

Recipe makes 1 muffin pan of 12 regular sized muffins.
For the least clean up, use paper muffin cups. Or spray with no stick cooking spray.

1 cup white flour         450 cal. 13g protein. 0 sugar. 3g fiber.
1/2 cup wheat flour         200 cal. 8g protein. 0 sugar. 7g fiber.
1/2 cup oats        140 cal. 5g protein. 0g sugar. 4g fiber.
1/2 cup brown sugar         415 cal. 0 protein. 105g sugar. 0g fiber.
1 Tbsp baking powder
2 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 cup ground flaxseed meal    120 cal. 6g protein. 1g sugar.  8g fiber.
1/4 cup chopped pecans          190 cal. 2.5g protein. 1g sugar.  2.5g fiber.

2 eggs + 1 egg white        155 cal. 15.5g protein. 0g sugar. 0g fiber.
1 cup lowfat buttermilk        130 cal. 11g protein. 15g sugar. 0g fiber.
1/3 cup canola or veg. oil        650 cal. 0g protein. 0g sugar. 0g fiber.
1 large shredded apple with skin    65 cal. 0 protein. 13 sugar. 3.5 fiber.

Mix dry ingredients. Beat eggs separately then add all wet ingredients to dry and mix well.

Scoop “1/4 cup-measuring cups” of batter for each muffin cup.  Bake at 350 for 20 minutes.

Total = 2,515 calories. 61g protein. 135g sugar. 28g fiber.
Divide by 12 = 210 calories. 5.1 protein. 11.25 sugar. 2.3g fiber per muffin!

For sweetness add:
1/4 cup raisins. Per muffin: 10 cal.  0 protein.  2.5 sugar.  .25 fiber.

1/4 cup butterscotch chips. Per muffin: 23 cal. 0 protein. 3 sugar. 0 fiber.

1/2 cup more brown sugar: Per muffin: 34 cal. 0 protein. 18 sugar. 0 fiber.

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