Pie Eating Contest!

Debbie Markham in Pie Eating Contest, July 4, Cambria

I like firsts, they get my adrenaline pumping.  Combine that WITH SWEETS and I am IN!  That’s how I accepted a request to be in our town’s pie eating contest. Locally made yet world renowned Olalaberry Pie from Linn’s on the 4th of July… SURE I’ll do it!   My neighbor had much more info on pie eating preparation that I’d considered…. “Drink lots of water for a few days prior to stretch your belly,” she told me.  Now, I’m competitive, but I really didn’t care if how I fared. (Well, maybe I did want to beat a few people.)

I did well, my strategy of eating only the filling (which weighed the most) paid off & I scored the 5th lightest pie pan in the end out of 20 or so pie eaters!  Original pies were 4lbs, I weighed in at 1.17 lbs so I ate 2.83 lbs of apple berry filling!  I felt full, but not bad.  I think avoiding the amazingly delicious buttery top & bottom crust was the key to my overall “pie consumption in 10 minutes” success!   I liked that they gave us 10 minutes, I wasn’t rushed, I enjoyed the taste as I ate it; slow & steady was my philosophy.  And I got to meet Jerry Gruber, Atherton’s really nice city manager, who ate pie next to me!  The kids sack race, balloon toss, golf ball on the spoon balancing race & our town’s waiters & waitresses races also amused & entertained us all.  What Good Times we have here!

For dinner I ate raw broccoli & snap peas with hummus & some meat.  That should balance out the fruit & sugar intake earlier, and help fulfill those missing categories of the food pyramid!


  1. Anne Marie says:

    Dear sweet Lord (punn intended)! I’m feelin’ ill just thinking about all the pie you attacked. dang. But I know you’re always up for a challenge!;-)

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