Plastic Gloves, and Duct Tape, and Super Glue…oh my

Duck many functions!Just yesterday I marveled how I’d let our carved pumpkins rot into a wretched pile of slop.  Having the foresight to purchase 100 clear plastic gloves at the $1 store made me smile as I cleaned up.

Duct tape, now available in an assortment of colors, is unnoticeable taped around your toddler’s diaper so they won’t pull it off and smear poop all over the walls before or after the unsupervised nap-time (purchase white.) Black duct tape fixes light saber cracks and pirate sword handles with a professional-like touch.  And good old fashioned gray duct tape covers all hippity-hop and inter-tube holes, creates homemade sleds for towing stuffed animals or simply makes “custom soles” to any feet (since my renegade children seem to prefer homemade shoes after school.)

And lastly, super glue.  Who doesn’t want a glue that SUPER? Besides the obvious, this glue has held skin together nicely when gashed open. Keeping a tube in the first aid kit in your trunk for “on-the-road” crevices is handy, since you never know who’ll slip climbing boulders, crash skateboarding or just plain ole trip.

These three essential “functional” tools are must haves for every mom… for a happier, more amusing time creating, preventing or attending to life’s unpredictable moments.

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