Reframe your mundane job into a glass-half-full scenario!

House Light photo by Debbie MarkhamSome money-making ventures are not-so-new-and-exciting; more specifically in my line of work, commercial jobs for a photographer can become mundane without the energy of people jazzing up the session. That was my afternoon…not energized. Being in a solo profession, I’m my own motivator.

The job was to photograph windows of 5 different homes within a 10 mile radius for an architect’s portfolio. Turning my “job” into a game, I gave myself 4 minutes to drive and 6 minutes to photograph each home, with 1 minute per home “cushion” time. I raced the clock for the best near-sunset lighting and grew really cold (my fault, under-dressed.) As night fell (at 6pm…so wierd) I laughed at my position: standing on the roof of my Volvo XC90 with the tripod extended to it’s tallest ontop of the roof, snapping a photo of a home on a hill, shivering. I was glad it was dark since people obviously lived in the home…I was barely visible from across the street, parked under a tree.

As I finished up, I was already as cold as I could be, so I decided to drive around and experiment with the lights on homes and the fingernail moon. I’d wanted to do this for months, but never made time until this job’s deadline hovered. There you have it, making up a “game” for my deadline (which was 2 fold: the job itself and the sun was setting) helped create a glass-half-full end of the day. The invention of electricity and some creative layers in Photoshop added to the brilliance of that days work!

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