Running With Lunch boxes

picachu lunchboxThis morning, after driving my kids to school and being on an extremely tight time schedule, they announced “Mom, we forgot to grab our lunches.”

I had exactly 1.25 hours before getting picked up (by a very timely friend) to take me to the airport.  In this small window, I needed to run 6 miles (to keep my marathon training in order), shower and grab ski gear for my trip. Driving to and from the school was a 15 min turn-around and I didn’t want to feel annoyed for cutting my workout short.

Finding humor in my situation, I ran back to their school with both lunch boxes as the start of my workout!  Playful honks along the highway made me laugh.  Imagine seeing a middle aged woman jogging Highway 1 with a Blow Pop Lunch box in one hand and a Pokemon lunch box in the other.

And that’s what I want to do more of, LAUGH.  So, I’m gonna add errands into my workouts, and provide more venues for laughter to arise!


  1. Heather says:

    I can picture you and am laughing too Deb! Thanks for the post. Way to go on the training too, I’m rooting for you and your Boston trip!

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