Wow Debbie!!! I’m THRILLED you’ve finally put this awesome passion of yours into a book so we can all figure out HOW ON EARTH you’ve been able to stay so active and fit, while creating and eating all those treats you bring around!! ~Tina

I feel that I’m so lucky to have come across your Workout Companion a few weeks ago while looking for some kind of strength training workout. I absolutely love, love, love the strength training routine and exercises you developed. I’ve only been doing two sets (24 minutes) three times a week for the last three weeks and I already feel a huge change in my body! I really like the way you structured the routine-the time flies by-and I really like the exercises you’ve come up with that and the fact that I don’t have to go to the gym.  To make a long story short I resorted to doing easy yoga six days a week for at least an hour since the beginning of this year. I think that was crucial to beginning my healing. Now I think you have provided me with the tools to help keep my body strong and hopefully avoid such back pain again.  I love that your exercises are helping me get in shape more easily than I thought possible. I, too, was once a swimmer and quite an athlete ten years ago. I know now that I took that for granted. It has been hard on me the last few years to see my athletic abilities decline so much. It has been depressing. I had pretty much given up hope and planned on being a 30 year old going on 70. But through a dedication to fixing myself and through creative, generous and intelligent women like you and Melissa West (yoga teacher who provides free yoga podcasts that I did every week), I have been able to get back to some semblance of my old self. I have been so thankful for this at times over the last few months that it has brought me to tears.  I know I will encounter more aches, pains and issues as I grow older but at least you have provided me with a way to begin to prevent problems in the first place by keeping my body strong. It is a fantastic routine and I plan on continuing to do it for a long time. I also love your tips on warming up, breathing and positive talk. I’ve always wanted to do a triathlon but didn’t think I would be able to after the past few years but now I know I can and will even if it’s just a baby one!  So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge and positive spirit.  ~With much gratitude, Jessica

I bought this book for myself, and my 13 year old surprisingly took interest (probably because Debbie was Sugar Mama on Wipeout, our favorite show).   It was the perfect balance of information on health and diet while still discussing dessert recipes and eating treats.  It wasn’t lecturing or telling her what to do and wasn’t too long, so she stayed intrigued.  I think it helped her see how important it is to stay active and how much fun life can be when you’re strong!  I was surprised as well, and found my daily pep revived!  Thanks for a cute book on balancing all life has to offer. ~Julie

I’ve always embraced eating a piece of cake for dinner. I’m 80 years old & have done it my whole life.  Just last week enjoyed a gorgeous piece for dinner from a local bakery. Kudos! ~Marilynn

After reading your book I found myself trying out many of the fun-spirited games you talk about & have been enjoying some new ideas to stay fit. It’s definitely making me smile more too! ~Sarah

I am really enjoying your book – what an inspiration you are! Just to let you know, I have put on MY bathing suit today and have decided to swim and play around with my kids so that I can have desert tonight, to increase my feelings of well being and to be a strong mom!  Thanks for the inspiration – you rock! ~ Audrey

Great strength training ideas for the entire body. ~Michelle

I like how you mention meals with 4-5 food groups; I have a recipe for pasta sauce where I use a jar of pasta sauce and “doctor it up.”  I add onions, grated carrots and grated zucchini, lean meat and fresh Parmesan cheese to make a low fat, healthy meal with all ingredients in one dish. ~Stephanie