S'More Camping Vacations Please!

Yosemite National Park.  Thank you Abraham Lincoln for preserving a gorgeous area of land so my fast paced spirit can slow down without cell coverage for a week.  It’s a perfect combination of rest, activity (hiking, biking, swimming at the Lodge pool, setting up camp) and creativity (making a meal from whatever’s in your cooler.)

There’s nothing better at the end of each day than gathering around a campfire with some s’more sticks (that’s right, every night)!  Besides the sweet company of family and friends, my favorite part is that it’s perfectly acceptable to repeatedly attempt to roast and consume many, many marshmallows. The great thing about being in the dark and everyone having their own goal, is that… no one knows I’ve eaten 12 marshmallows!

Make S'mores

Can you believe there is actually a step by step “how to” for S’mores!  I mean WHO DOESN’T know how to do this? www.ehow.com

I recommend camping for a revived spirit and increase in productivity upon return!

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