Swim Swim Swim yourself, quickly down the lane…

Swimming WorkoutPeople generally consider swimming a summer sport. But really, if you’re going to get wet, why not do it throughout the rainy season too! After dropping the kids at school, I started my list of “to-do’s”…computer-crash-appointment, camera-store-flash-sync-problem appointment, pet and office supply stops.

Public lap time from Noon-1pm at a community pool was my 2nd to last stop, and what an ethereal afternoon I was rewarded with! A light sprinkle tickled my back as I sat to inform the current swimmer that I’d be jumping in their lane.

As I showered, I noticed the crowd during lunchtime was different than the swimmers from 6-7am, with many more retired ladies in the locker-room. Such eye candy to see them smiling, with their caps and goggles. I grinned thinking how happy I’ll be swimming in 30 years. The weightlessness, the gliding, the variety of things you can DO in a swim workout to stay motivated are such delightful things to entertain myself with.

If you want to improve your swimming form, check out the Total Immersion Swimming DVD. I own it and it’s very helpful. It gave me lots of tips to focus on while swimming to subtly adjust my position, which entertained me for years!

    Here’s the workout I did: 2400 yards (about 1.5 miles, 50 minutes)

Warm up:
700 easy. 7 – 100′s [2 laps (50 yards) free, 2 laps choice (I always do breaststroke, and I hold my breath as long as I can on the 4th lap, trying to go farther each time)]
500 drill. 5 – 100′s [1 lap right arm only, 1 lap left arm only, 1 lap pull-arms only, 1 lap swim]
Half way done!

    Now it’s time to rev up the heart rate for 20 minutes.

1000 yds fast. 10 – 100′s (or 20 – 50′s) [I played breathing games to have a little more fun: 1st lap - 1 breath every 2 strokes, 2nd lap - 1 breath every 3 strokes, 3rd lap - 1 breath after 2 strokes and then 1 breath after 4 strokes, 4th lap - I breath every 4th stroke. That's 1-100, repeat 10x]
Cool down:
200 easy 8 laps.

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