Updated and Continually Re-Balancing!

Daily Deal written by Debbie Markham

Back in October I applied for a 2nd job as a copywriter to supplement my photography income. Updating my resume and submitting several writing samples, coupled with fearing not being experienced or creative enough for the job was really nerve-racking. When I apprehensively tapped the ‘enter’ key on my laptop – sending my cover letter [...]

Meditate while mixing Apple Oatmeal Muffins

Apple Oatmeal Muffin by Debbie Markham

I really enjoy mixing up some batter or dough and baking it right away with my kids after school.  Then they do homework, I work, and we smell the delicious treats we’ll soon sample after our focused effort.  These fantastic muffins provide dairy, fruit, fiber and protein in 1 healthy, tasty snack item. Grab 2 [...]

Go out on a limb…thats where the fruit is!

Paddleboarding in South Carolina, trying something new

As I enter my 4th decade, I find it harder and harder to spend time with my dearest friends.  All our kids are involved in 2+ activities and being active parents we’re also overextended between work, parenting duties, volunteering and our own extra curricular activities.  Who KNEW how easy college made it to associate with [...]

I’m wired for distraction…are you?


As much as I don’t like to “label” anyone, I feel o.k. with my self-diagnosis of being ADD.  I enjoy it much of the time, but today’s social media isn’t helping me AT ALL!  I feel like I’m continually partially involved with many things which makes me a bit anxious at times.  Between volunteering and [...]

Lessons learned from trying to learn from people’s lessons.

Photo by Debbie Markham Dishes in sink

Whenever I speak with older people, I hear the same message “If I could go back in time, I’d clean house less and follow my dreams to be a “fill in the blank”….. and travel more too. Last week, my ex-husband took my kids on a 9 day vacation. That meant I had 9 days [...]


Trying to model, practice, teach, preach & exude BALANCE for my kids sake is definitely reminding myself; who knows how out of whack I’d be if I didn’t have kids!  My goals being to nurture their creativity, to enjoy their stages through childhood & simultaneously to introduce manners & useful tools that are accepted by [...]