Volunteering for the Grammar School can lead to Triathlete Training!

Mom volunteer and triathlete Debbie Markham

You say you don’t have time to volunteer, but YOU DO… LOL! I turned my volunteer time into a good story here and wrote a blog post on it… just think of what fun you could have too! This morning I promoted our school’s fundraiser event, “Out of this World Book and Science Fair,” by [...]

10 reasons to RUN errands.

Debbie Markham Running Errands Functionably Happy

Do you want to know how to get more done, with more fun, in less time?  This is the essence of functionably happy, and here’s my latest success story! Yesterday I set out on a 4 mile run. As I ran, I remembered that my ex husband (who lives 1.5 miles away from me – [...]

What’s harder…carving out time? or cleaning up?

angel food cake eaten

My favorite easy cake mix, Angel Food.  “Simply add water” Seeing how quickly I get side-tracked from… well… everything really, I wanted to create a ritual of love with my kids every day, before time slipped away from us!  So, when my kids get home from school I’ve made a tradition of baking right away.  [...]

Tie-Dye to the rescue!

Tie Dye Camouflages Yogurt Spill

I realized that every day I PLAN what I wear, knowing there’s a chance I’ll be spilling what I eat on the run, at one of many unpredictable times. (This may be a sign my multi-tasking has gone too far.) Driving to my first appointment, I held fast to the steering wheel & a spoon, [...]

Back to School emotions

My Hero, My Mom

Since school starts for my 5th & 3rd graders tomorrow, I’ve decided to go through all the art, reading samples & comprehension tests that were sent home last June, at the end of school.  I’ve procrastinated “sifting through” to study their red marks & savor their hard work because I knew it’d take an hour [...]

Using keyboard shortcuts saves me hours!

Keyboard Shrotcut Photo

The other day my daughter pleaded in the grocery isle “Can we please make our own tapioca, I want to add more vanilla,” so I bought the white pearls in a bag.  2 days later (YES – 2 days, soaking pearl tapioca overnight, double boiler heating milk gingerly for 1 hour, separating eggs and individually [...]