Easy Key Lime Cake with White Chocolate Chips

easy key lime cake with white chocolate chips

I’m all about easy, fun, tasty, sort-of-healthy, unique desserts. I buy boxed cake mixes when they’re on sale for $1 a box anytime I see them.  So, having a yellow one on hand, and some sugar free lime Jell-O, I embarked on a new creation. Using milk and yogurt added calcium, protein, B2 and B12, [...]

What’s harder…carving out time? or cleaning up?

angel food cake eaten

My favorite easy cake mix, Angel Food.  “Simply add water” Seeing how quickly I get side-tracked from… well… everything really, I wanted to create a ritual of love with my kids every day, before time slipped away from us!  So, when my kids get home from school I’ve made a tradition of baking right away.  [...]

Game Show Experience

Sugar Mama's Cake!

For my T.V. debut, my daughter made an obstacle course “cake!”  The Shape Shifter was a modified iced oatmeal cookie & dental floss for the zip line. pop ‘em donut holes were carefully aligned as the Big Red Balls.  Red Kix cereal balls stuck on to a frosted graham cracker for the Sucker Punch Wall.   [...]