S'More Camping Vacations Please!

Yosemite National Park.  Thank you Abraham Lincoln for preserving a gorgeous area of land so my fast paced spirit can slow down without cell coverage for a week.  It’s a perfect combination of rest, activity (hiking, biking, swimming at the Lodge pool, setting up camp) and creativity (making a meal from whatever’s in your cooler.) [...]

Rich & Blue & Chocolaty

I’m currently writing a book “How to Have a Healthy Sweet Tooth,” & this seems like a perfect example.  Today’s creation was due to my chocolate bar melting yesterday & me putting it in the fridge.  Then I bought blueberries at the store, separately.  When seeing them side by side my heart pitter pattered… mmm…quick [...]

Chocolate Fiber Crunch

Okay, I am on a roll with this healthy chocolate thing & have just melted semi sweet chocolate chips with fiber one cereal to satisfy my sweet tooth & get some vitamins, minerals & fiber!  I remember seeing The Chocolate Bar in Texas sell blobs of Lucky Charms tossed with chocolate, but I’m upping the [...]

Chocolate Cereal with a bit of health!

One of my daily missions is to find sugar, chocolate & health intertwined & here they are!  Good fiber, whole grain, no high fructose corn syrup & real chocolate!  Special K Chocolaty delight & Chocolate Mini Wheats are good dessert or anytime snacking material!

Dark Chocolate RULES!!!

I forget that chocolate is derived from a plant (the cacao plant).  It contains cell-protective phytochemicals, more commonly referred to as “antioxidants.” Researchers have discovered that a standard dark chocolate candy bar contains about twice as much antioxidants as a glass of red wine. This is great news!!! Chocolate contains a surprisingly big quantity of [...]