Consistence + Friends = Happiness!

Ski trip Parenting Tip: Bring Friends along in challenging situations

I grew up skiing so weekend trips to the mountains were important to me. My daughter was not so inclined to deal with uncomfortable ski boots and cold weather.  There was a lot of whining.  I was frustrated, but not willing to give up the outdoor fresh air, or challenging her to master something difficult [...]

What’s harder…carving out time? or cleaning up?

angel food cake eaten

My favorite easy cake mix, Angel Food.  “Simply add water” Seeing how quickly I get side-tracked from… well… everything really, I wanted to create a ritual of love with my kids every day, before time slipped away from us!  So, when my kids get home from school I’ve made a tradition of baking right away.  [...]

Lost Sweet Tooth


As family & friends anxiously watched me compete on Wipeout, my son had his own mission.  He wiggled & wiggled a tooth on & off for an hour as he sat viewing his mom on T.V.  Upon the finale, cheers erupted, my daughter was crying & hugging me tightly chanting “I can’t believe you won!” [...]