How can you increase your level of satisfaction?

Kid success flattening paper

We just spent 2 days helping our friends unpack from a big move.  After unwrapping boxes and boxes of their dishes, china and appliances from the moving company’s white paper, we had a HUGE mound of crumpled up paper too big to live with until the next week (when the moving company was scheduled to [...]

Reframe your mundane job into a glass-half-full scenario!

House Light photo by Debbie Markham

Some money-making ventures are not-so-new-and-exciting; more specifically in my line of work, commercial jobs for a photographer can become mundane without the energy of people jazzing up the session. That was my afternoon…not energized. Being in a solo profession, I’m my own motivator. The job was to photograph windows of 5 different homes within a [...]

Add 1 pointless goal a day to alleviate stress!

exercise your mind and overcome challenges to be happy

Overcoming any challenge instills happiness, pride, curiosity in human nature, connection with yourself. So why not start making them up for fun, to increase your chances of overcoming them? Go ahead, I dare you! Try to skip on the treadmill in public for 40 seconds during your workout, 3 times. Look at 3 strangers in [...]