Consistence + Friends = Happiness!

Ski trip Parenting Tip: Bring Friends along in challenging situations

I grew up skiing so weekend trips to the mountains were important to me. My daughter was not so inclined to deal with uncomfortable ski boots and cold weather.  There was a lot of whining.  I was frustrated, but not willing to give up the outdoor fresh air, or challenging her to master something difficult [...]

Go out on a limb…thats where the fruit is!

Paddleboarding in South Carolina, trying something new

As I enter my 4th decade, I find it harder and harder to spend time with my dearest friends.  All our kids are involved in 2+ activities and being active parents we’re also overextended between work, parenting duties, volunteering and our own extra curricular activities.  Who KNEW how easy college made it to associate with [...]

Benefits of Positive, Negative and Sarcastic Thinking.

Positive thinking is great, no doubt about it. Practicing Zen-like habits to cultivate a happy mind-set no matter what unfolds in life is what I strive for.  But sometimes I feel a little like Polyanna and I need to blurt out some Too Short raps in my small-country town to take the edge off.  Last [...]

Reframe your mundane job into a glass-half-full scenario!

House Light photo by Debbie Markham

Some money-making ventures are not-so-new-and-exciting; more specifically in my line of work, commercial jobs for a photographer can become mundane without the energy of people jazzing up the session. That was my afternoon…not energized. Being in a solo profession, I’m my own motivator. The job was to photograph windows of 5 different homes within a [...]

Through the lens of a movie camera

water spigot

I ran 7 miles out & back from my house, across some residential developments to my turn around spot, where the water fountain I rely on was broken. I was parched & my only option was the camping spigot. Crouching down, I tilted my head awkwardly & slurped from the tap mounted on a 4×4 [...]