Plastic Gloves, and Duct Tape, and Super Glue…oh my

Duck many functions!

Just yesterday I marveled how I’d let our carved pumpkins rot into a wretched pile of slop.  Having the foresight to purchase 100 clear plastic gloves at the $1 store made me smile as I cleaned up. Duct tape, now available in an assortment of colors, is unnoticeable taped around your toddler’s diaper so they [...]

[VIDEO] Lesson learned from adoring baby chicks!

Chick Portrait

“Mom, can we film the chicks falling asleep in our hands!” We just got 2 new 1-week old baby Rhode Island Red Chicks (initially an orange color fluff.)  My daughter named hers “Colonel” (after a golden popcorn kernel and then we realized it was KFC’s icon!)  Then the other one got named “Orange Chicken” for [...]

Back to School emotions

My Hero, My Mom

Since school starts for my 5th & 3rd graders tomorrow, I’ve decided to go through all the art, reading samples & comprehension tests that were sent home last June, at the end of school.  I’ve procrastinated “sifting through” to study their red marks & savor their hard work because I knew it’d take an hour [...]

Mad Libs

Coloring books, maze books, flash cards, chapter books & Mad Libs adorn the back seat area of my vehicles, but with so many options for my kids, it usually looks like a tornado has whipped through. Last week my parents visited.  In an effort to show ‘my daughterly respect’ & to show I’d grasped onto [...]