Swim Swim Swim yourself, quickly down the lane…

Swimming Workout

People generally consider swimming a summer sport. But really, if you’re going to get wet, why not do it throughout the rainy season too! After dropping the kids at school, I started my list of “to-do’s”…computer-crash-appointment, camera-store-flash-sync-problem appointment, pet and office supply stops. Public lap time from Noon-1pm at a community pool was my 2nd [...]

Through the lens of a movie camera

water spigot

I ran 7 miles out & back from my house, across some residential developments to my turn around spot, where the water fountain I rely on was broken. I was parched & my only option was the camping spigot. Crouching down, I tilted my head awkwardly & slurped from the tap mounted on a 4×4 [...]