Reflecting on Mayhem Festival

Mayhem Festival 2011

Last Sunday I attended the Mayhem Festival at Shoreline Amphitheater with 20,000 other people in San Jose.  The headliners were Godsmack, Disturbed, Megadeth & Machine Head who sing powerful angry lyrics about hating this or that, various pains, suffering, unfair life situations…etc.  I hide the fact that I listen to hard rock, unsure if people [...]

Benefits of Positive, Negative and Sarcastic Thinking.

Positive thinking is great, no doubt about it. Practicing Zen-like habits to cultivate a happy mind-set no matter what unfolds in life is what I strive for.  But sometimes I feel a little like Polyanna and I need to blurt out some Too Short raps in my small-country town to take the edge off.  Last [...]