Easy Key Lime Cake with White Chocolate Chips

easy key lime cake with white chocolate chips

I’m all about easy, fun, tasty, sort-of-healthy, unique desserts. I buy boxed cake mixes when they’re on sale for $1 a box anytime I see them.  So, having a yellow one on hand, and some sugar free lime Jell-O, I embarked on a new creation. Using milk and yogurt added calcium, protein, B2 and B12, [...]

[VIDEO] Vegas Baby, and a Sweet Lollipop!

Debbie Markham with Couture lollipop from Sugar Factory

During my most recent trip to Vegas I enjoyed the “no-one’s-ever-going-to-see-me again, so-dress-and-act-however-I-desire” festivities.  However, I also walked the strip actively searching for the best candy store, as I always do when on vacation.  I came across the Sugar Factory adjacent Planet Hollywood’s Casino in the Miracle Mile Mall.  With great tunes playing, and cute [...]

What’s harder…carving out time? or cleaning up?

angel food cake eaten

My favorite easy cake mix, Angel Food.  “Simply add water” Seeing how quickly I get side-tracked from… well… everything really, I wanted to create a ritual of love with my kids every day, before time slipped away from us!  So, when my kids get home from school I’ve made a tradition of baking right away.  [...]

A perfect day!

Portrait of Mary

What a great day!  I photographed an 80 year old lady.  Her son wanted a portrait of her in their long time home, by the window in an old fashioned chair.  I couldn’t help day dreaming when my son might do the same.  Seeing her smile into the camera brought forth emotions and warm fuzzy [...]

Sticky Keyboard Keys

Okay so making chocolate cake & blogging aren’t a good combination.  After tasting the batter on one finger, then a different finger, then a third (so not to double dip) & then having a desire to write simultaneously, I got my keyboard all sticky.  It was a great cake & I learned to have a [...]

S'More Camping Vacations Please!

Yosemite National Park.  Thank you Abraham Lincoln for preserving a gorgeous area of land so my fast paced spirit can slow down without cell coverage for a week.  It’s a perfect combination of rest, activity (hiking, biking, swimming at the Lodge pool, setting up camp) and creativity (making a meal from whatever’s in your cooler.) [...]

Rich & Blue & Chocolaty

I’m currently writing a book “How to Have a Healthy Sweet Tooth,” & this seems like a perfect example.  Today’s creation was due to my chocolate bar melting yesterday & me putting it in the fridge.  Then I bought blueberries at the store, separately.  When seeing them side by side my heart pitter pattered… mmm…quick [...]

Monster Pancakes!

Regular pancakes are getting boring.  So the kids & I got creative this morning! My healthy start was 1 cup “Heart Smart” Bisquick (adorned with a Box Top for my school), 1/2 cup wheat flour, 1/4 ground flax seed, 1 grated apple with skin, 1 egg + 3 egg whites, 1/4 cu 1% milk, 1 [...]

My Dentist Loves Me

Did I mention my 10 year old filling cracked & I waited just long enough for sugar to decay it MORE.  SO, I just got a new CROWN in my back molar!   But first I have to wear a temporary crown while they officially make my real one which means no eating milk duds for [...]