What’s harder…carving out time? or cleaning up?

Angel Food Cake Box Mix, Add Water, Easy with KidsMy favorite easy cake mix, Angel Food.  “Simply add water”

Seeing how quickly I get side-tracked from… well… everything really, I wanted to create a ritual of love with my kids every day, before time slipped away from us!  So, when my kids get home from school I’ve made a tradition of baking right away.  Pride & happiness abound from creating something & it instigates conversations about life together.   I am so proud of my egg cracking extraordinaires (who were really squeamish about cracking eggs a few years ago.)

Our joint projects have taught health (or what non-health is) and math (through measuring and discussion of ingredients.  Best of all, baking has given us some hilarious results when alternating recipes, seeing our “lack of success.”  Cleaning up is always WAY harder for me; I can carve out time to be creative & work late into the night, just not the energy to clean up.  Soaking is definitely a “thing of the present” and seems to always be happening in my sink.

THEN while it’s baking, the house smells wonderful, & they sit to do their homework while I edit & organize my photography work.

Homework gets done in record time when a warm, freshly baked treat is on the horizon!  And the 3 of us can eat an entire cake (evidence in the photo.) What’s happening after school for you?  Any favorite rituals to practice being in the present moment?


  1. Anne Marie says:

    Great idea. wanna come over to my house and bake a cake for us?;)
    my kidz would dig doing this…and I can see doing this down the road when they start school in a year;-)

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