Tie-Dye to the rescue!

I realized that every day I PLAN what I wear, knowing there’s a chance I’ll be spilling what I eat on the run, at one of many unpredictable times. (This may be a sign my multi-tasking has gone too far.)

Driving to my first appointment, I held fast to the steering wheel & a spoon, with Yoplait Red Velvet Cake yogurt in my lap (very delicious flavor.) Sure enough, it dolloped on my strategically worn tie-dyed blouse.  With the same spoon that was feeding me, I spooned it off & I was all set to dry.

Happy to report, the clients did not notice or know that their Professional Photographer would have done that on her way to work!

If anyone knows of a designer with tie-dye garments in a professional fashion, please share that information here in the comments for all of us professionals who have fast-paced-induced-spill tendencies!   I want to expand my choices.

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