Updated and Continually Re-Balancing!

Daily Deal written by Debbie MarkhamBack in October I applied for a 2nd job as a copywriter to supplement my photography income. Updating my resume and submitting several writing samples, coupled with fearing not being experienced or creative enough for the job was really nerve-racking. When I apprehensively tapped the ‘enter’ key on my laptop – sending my cover letter and other paperwork, it was one of the most anxious moments I’ve had in awhile. They either didn’t have enough applicants or I timed it just right, but I got the job.

Now with less free time, I find myself using every spare moment in between meals and kid activities to do laundry, dishes, R&D for my writing assignments, and even 30 minute runs around my daughter’s field while she warms-up for her soccer games. I just realized I hadn’t written in a reflective way for 4 months, until this moment, sitting in a parking lot waiting for a project to be completed at Staples. It’s crazy to think I actually don’t have time to be mopey or introspective because my time is so used up that there’s none left to do anything but collapse in bed. I’m writing to remind myself of this thriving time in my life, so when the writing has dried up, or they decide I actually wasn’t good enough for their ad campaigns, that I had these moments of glory, where I felt on top of the world professionally. My kids were young enough to admire their mom for her 2 jobs and play legos around me editing on my laptop, and old enough to give me praise for trying something I was afraid of.

Going for the job and not getting it would’ve been equally as rewarding, and a great life lesson for my kids as well. So either way, going out on a limb – and really reaching for the sweetness, is a great way to never have a dull moment.

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