Using keyboard shortcuts saves me hours!

The other day my daughter pleaded in the grocery isle “Can we please make our own tapioca, I want to add more vanilla,” so I bought the white pearls in a bag.  2 days later (YES – 2 days, soaking pearl tapioca overnight, double boiler heating milk gingerly for 1 hour, separating eggs and individually beating them, adding the fluffy peaked egg whites & vanilla appropriately at the end of the journey) I was calm and happy because I KNOW shortcut commands to get my work done fast!

A keyboard shortcut is a convenient way to invoke a function in your operating system, by pressing a combination of keys on your keyboard.

(Command key)-C to copy, (Command key)-V to paste,  (Command key)-Tab to move between open windows (Apple list of keyboard shortcuts, Window list of shortcuts).  When I made time to memorize a few, I couldn’t believe how much faster my work got done!  This meant I could earn more money and have more free time!  Who doesn’t want that!

For the past years, each time I needed the File or Edit “pull-down” menus, I read the shortcut (to the left of each “function”) and then used it.  Now it’s kind of a game I play to memorize them so I “never hover my cursor over the pull-down menus!”  Thank you programmers for creating shortcuts to use; it makes me feel really smart, like I know a secret way.

Give them a try them yourself, they make life easier!

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