[VIDEO] Have fun along the way of being responsible – unload the dishwasher on your tippy toes!

Sheep on Tippy ToesI felt annoyance building as I unloaded the dishwasher for the forth time this week. Luckily (or maybe because I’ve been trying to train my brain for 15 years to recognize my feelings and consciously redirect negative ones, that I’m actually sensing them more) I had an ah-ha moment as I remembered how to sprinkle some sugar on my situation. Usually, my best solution is to create a new game or goal and distract myself, right on the spot!

I’d unloaded the dishwasher before on my tippy toes and it was fun. This time I got more creative and added some extra special “tippy” moves too. I grabbed my video camera, set it on the floor and did have a happier experience! Editing the video made me laugh at myself, then actually deciding to blog about it and post it for the public to see what a dork I am has made me smile even more. So there! Catch some of my moves and try “tippy toe unloading” out for yourself.

Last week I went to a pumpkin farm where these 2 sheep stood on their back hooves with front hooves on the fence to see eye-to-eye with visitors.  As I took it I thought, “Where am I going to use this photo?”  It ended up being the only one I had on hand resembling tippy toes for this post!

Tippy toe unloading fulfilled 3 of my Functionably Happy goals:

1. Added a little fitness (strengthening calves/legs) and a great challenge to stay focused on not tipping over.
2. Helped me lighten up and feel less irritable since I was acting child-like!
3. Increased my satisfaction with myself for achieving a goal/game that I set.

None of which mattered to anyone but me! You just gotta do whatever you gotta do to make yourself feel happier, feel good about yourself and stay strong. What are you going to do to increase your happiness while being responsible adults?


  1. LMAO!!! Debbie, you are awesome! You make me laugh every time I see you!!!! HAAAA HAAAAAAA!!!! I LOVE YOU! Keep up the great work!

    XOXO, Lela

  2. joan says:

    what a great idea…i feel shorted, no dishwasher and kids….kidding..i will dance more around my tiny kitchen just having fun moving….great site you have here.. you are a pro at whatever you set your sights on and still have fun and keep smiling. love you girl.

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