[VIDEO] How to learn Freestyle Aerial Skiing in 3 hours!

Freestyle Aerial Skiing at Olympic Park, UT“Keep your eyes up!”  That’s what the freestyle aerial ski coach told me.   Last Fall I took an Intro Course to the sport at Olympic Village in Park City UT, where Olympic athletes do summer training.

Whenever I look up (when running, shopping, or walking my dogs) I feel a rush of excitement and hope to be reincarnated as a bird.  Watching them play with the wind, using it to hover and dance with each other makes me realize: that’s the meaning of life.  I aspire to dance with whatever thing, situation, obstacle, weather pattern or car problem poses itself in front of me.

I don’t know why I’ve grown to like taking on risks.  Maybe because the first time I waterskiied behind a boat pulling me towards a jump ramp, I was so scared (age 18) but I made it. Once I hit the ramp and had no choice but to move along with physics – I crashed realizing…”I guess that’s the worst that can happen!”  I saw other people my age landing 50 foot jumps – surely could learn to do it with practice.

This sort of reasoning is what led me to say “yes” to “Would you like to take an introductory course to Freestyle Aerial Skiing?”  Holy Shit is what I thought.  REALLY?  I’d just watched athletes jump 100 feet high off these ramps into the giant pool.  I signed up before I could listen to any more brain-chatter about being scared.  And I was scared, but in a good way.  I don’t think I’ve smiled for 3 hours straight in a long time.

As I began, my goal was to jump off straight and not look like a fool.  Once accomplished, I adjusted my goals one by one to include completing a 180, then a 360, then front and back flips and a little grab for fun.  As I let myself glide down the plastic ramp in heavy ski boots and skis I had to commit to the trick or I’d never do it.  “You can’t decide what to do after you start, you must know your target at the beginning,” the 20-something ski pro said with conviction. This couldn’t have been a better motto for all my life’s actions.  Don’t waver, trust you made your goal with the right intent & pursue your passion!

Feeling that stall in the air while attempting a trick was one of the neatest feelings I’ve experienced, similar to falling off the giant treadmill of the Wipeout Zone!  Pursuing happiness through overcoming challenges really works, I feel very happy!  All the jumping on the trampoline over the past 3 years with my kids, practicing flips & twists paid off, as does every instance in life I’m finding as I grow older (not up!)

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