[VIDEO] Lesson learned from adoring baby chicks!

Chick Portrait“Mom, can we film the chicks falling asleep in our hands!”

We just got 2 new 1-week old baby Rhode Island Red Chicks (initially an orange color fluff.)  My daughter named hers “Colonel” (after a golden popcorn kernel and then we realized it was KFC’s icon!)  Then the other one got named “Orange Chicken” for the obvious reason and that it’s my son’s favorite meal.  That ALONE (laughing at the names my kids chose) was worth buying them.  They fall asleep in their hands and on my lap after a few minutes.  Filming them created a darling family moment that I’ll cherish forever.

Anyway, I smile every day when I see them and it’s been worth all the coop crap.  Living authentically, even when people think I’m nuts for taking on farm animals has only proven that following my interests will bring me happiness!

Don’t be afraid to jump into an interest or hobby.  Having sightings of your hobby around will motivate you to work more efficiently to have time off for it.

Similar to seeing the chicks daily, I leave my guitar out at all times.  Leaning against my living room wall, it begs it to be picked up, and I usually play 1-5 minutes/day.  A goal I have is to learn a song a month, so next summer I can play a few tunes around the campfire.

I recommend finding many small things to snap you into present moment awareness.  Having a wide array of interests keeps life interesting.  All I can say is, I’m continually uplifted by observing and involving myself in new things. Maybe in another post I’ll make a list of the top 10 easiest to incorporate hobbies for busy people! I’d love to read any fulfilling or entertaining hobbies that you allocate a sliver of time for.

I can’t WAIT for fresh eggs.

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