Volunteering for the Grammar School can lead to Triathlete Training!

Mom volunteer and triathlete Debbie MarkhamYou say you don’t have time to volunteer, but YOU DO… LOL! I turned my volunteer time into a good story here and wrote a blog post on it… just think of what fun you could have too!

This morning I promoted our school’s fundraiser event, “Out of this World Book and Science Fair,” by dressing up in a full Alien costume! It was 80 degrees at 7:45 am this morning, and with the rubber boots, a full polyester one piece suit, gloves and a double head piece, it felt like 95 degrees.  Cars enter from 2 directions, so I “moon walked” between turn lanes trying to get everyone to see my sign “TONIGHT ONLY 6-8PM. BAKE SALE TOO!”

As I dripped with sweat inside the rubber mask with a minuscule mouth opening topped with the astronaut dome and another small passageway for air, I made a conscious decision to categorize it as “training” for Wildflower Triathlon in Spring 2012.  I used my quads, squatting down to windshield level for people as they drove past, moved in slow low lunges as if there was no gravity, practiced smoothing out my transitions between areas of traffic and made the best of what could’ve been a very sweaty, low oxygen 40 minutes!

What shift in perspective can you make to give yourself laughter, mental relief or a happier mindset?


  1. Kernn says:

    You are an amazing person and a great sport! Way to go Debbie :)

  2. Debbie says:

    OMG…that is a great costume, wait….are u wearing a costume????

  3. AM says:

    Dude…you’re doing wildflower?! dang! You go girl…;-)

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